Blog 7.5

Ja’Quan Brown, February 19th, 2019, Class Notes

(big sources use italics, smaller sources, like articles us “”Blog 7.5 (based on Blog 7 – Joanna Wolfe article)

Make a citation for this piece.


Authors name

Wolfe, Joanne. “Rhetorical Numbers: A Case

for Quantitative Writing in the Composition Classroom.” vol 61, no 3, CCC, Feb 2010, pp 434-457.

The author talks about how quantitative writing is just as important as classical rhetorical analysis and how it should be taught in schools. She proposes new assignments and ways to train teachers for this purpose. Wolfe gives examples of where we see this in society and how important changing our teaching methods is. I found the source relatable due to the stories about the grocery store and the pregnant lady.

1-2 sentences of summary.

1st sentence is the thesis

2nd sentence explains how the person achieves the thesis/ what they do

Evaluate the source for relevance, purpose, and currency (CRAAP – take out the author and accuracy part because of peer review) This part should be about 2-3 sentences.

Ex. Thank You, Next Album

            “Seven Rings” song

Name:              Book:              Publisher:                    Date:

Jones, Caleb. Camping out. Auburn Montgomery Press, 2019.

l.          The State of the World

            A. numbers are everywhere

            B. People assume numbers are always right or that they’ re fake

ll. The Problem to Be Fixed.

  1. Students are not taught about numbers and how persuasive they are.
  2. Teachers aren’t prepared to teach them.

lll. The Solution: Most important section

  1. Train teachers how to teach this part of rhetoric.
  2. Train students on how to deal with numbers in the real world.

l.          State of Things

            A. Percentage of tornadoes in Southern States.

            B. History of tornadoes in Montgomery.

ll.         Problem to be solved.

  1. Drills aren’t safe for students.
  2. New Methods haven’t been used in many years.

lll.        Solution

Your solution shouldn’t be too big:

Plant an entire farm, build a hospital, quarantine sick people, solve the government problem by setting up new ways, clean the streets.


Blog 7

Jaquan Brown, 2/18/19, Joanna Wolfe Article Summary.

The writer looks at quantitative literacy movements as a core class for new associates. They also believe that rhetorical education should be a part of our classes, so it could teach us how numbers are introduced in public industries and dialogues. On page (437), Joanna states that rhetorical education can also help students with developing their arguments and decipher different ideas and quotes. Page (438) talks about the benefits of bringing quantitative arguments, rhetorical literacy, and other rhetorical skills to our core classes. Deeper into the read, Joanna begins to compare mathematical operations to rhetorical practices (i.e.. 229 percent is impossible, since the highest is 100 percent).

In my opinion, I believe that we do not need rhetorical assignments or instructions because its already engraved into our courses and our minds. We just don’t pay attention to it because its a natural response to different situations. When I first read this essay I felt like Joanna was trying to convince her audience to be more controversial. For example, exposing false accusations, breaking down facts that portray as false to us. In a way, I don’t have an issue with exposing false content because its already happening with the dramatic uprising of social media.

Blog 6

Review from Feb:

Email to best friend

Topic: deals with Chernobyl and extreme tourism, write them and tell them whether they should go to Chernobyl.

Email: most agreed it was dangerous, you cited sources to back up what you were saying. You were trying to find people who agreed with you.

This is the method of grade school and high school.

Example from your major where you had to read from the databases on the AUM site: you were asked to DISAGREE with an expert.

<Insert your example here>

We’ve had 2 examples – one where we agreed (Chernobyl) and one where we disagreed (article about your major).

We’re starting to practice what’s called Binary Thinking.

Binary Thinking – We can’t believe that there are only 2 options. There’s more.

From your book –

“Refusing to spend time in nature is cowardly because it is a significant part of our environment. We can’t ignore it.”

Although I believe that the word “cowardly” is a bit unfair, I do agree that Americans should spend time outdoors.

(Ambivalent thinking)

Research is a conversation among different perspectives. Rarely are those perspectives just a binary.

Why did I quote Caleb Jones word for word? Why not summarize the source.

Group 6 Example:

Caleb Jones states “Refusing to spend time in nature is cowardly because it is a significant part of our environment. “His perspective is quite controversial as many Americans spend several hours outdoors. Jones also comments that “We cant ignore it.” However, nobody ignores nature as it is a part of our daily lives. The term “cowardly” is a bit of an over statement.

Blog 5

Ja’Quan S. Brown

My Exploration Paper


Ms. Howard 1020 Class

            In the past nineteen years living in Montgomery, Al, I’ve experienced numerous harsh weather conditions, fires, and obvious signs of changes in people over the years. Although, none of these disturbing issues may not compare to the ideology of what I think will happen to Montgomery, Al in the future. The signs of global warming is causing our weather to be unpredictable, therefore some homes and businesses are in jeopardy of fire damages, and people are becoming sick more frequently. But the everyday changes in people’s behavior becoming more and more violent is a cause for concern. The crime rate has been spawning and drug trafficking has turned into an undercover business. With the increase in drug use and violence, I believe this will be a stigma on the city of Montgomery. A similar word to describe the violence would be purge. However, the word purge has multiple meanings: there’s the elimination purge and there’s the traditional purge. The one that I would like to focus on more is the traditional purge. Crime is committed every twenty – four hours, but what if the twenty – four hours never ended? What if Montgomery, Alabama started a deadly riot where every resident had to fend for themselves? What is most likely to happen if Montgomery had an apocalyptic uproar out of nowhere? Here are some examples:

                First off, people thinking that Montgomery, Al lies in a state that is no longer indivisible is false. Although the Civil Rights Movement started here, I believe we are divided in the shadows of society. It’s possible for a society to come together as one, but that rarely happens now because we’re already so divided. If the city of Montgomery were to ever become a humanistic apocalyptic ghost town, the main cause of this would be because of the actions and behavior of other people. You might ask yourself, “Well how that could possibly happen when we have law enforcement and governmental systems everywhere?” The answer to that is simple, a broken system and society can be the reason.

Usually when there’s a broken system, criminals will prey on the innocent and the weak. A good word that could cause this behavior is insanity. Insanity is one of the main causes for a society to deplete and to make it become apocalyptic. When a city becomes insane, usually all the people who have their common sense will want to migrate from that area, therefore turning it into an uncivilized town. It could turn so chaotic, that even nearby counties would not want associate with anyone there.

So let’s say I was a survivor with common knowledge and I was stranded in the middle of Montgomery, Alabama while an apocalypse is active. What tools would I need in order to survive or thrive and protect myself? Well first I would have to figure out where I can find a good water source to stay hydrated. Thanks to my English 1020 – Apocalypse class, I know exactly where I can find a water source. Next, I would have to find a well or follow an upstream to the water main source. As far as weaponry goes, I have to have a broader idea of what to do to protect myself, even calling out to a higher power.

There are two games that I’ve studied in the past couple of months and the ideology behind these games are about rescuing other survivors during a zombie apocalypse. That’s probably the best way to bring a community together. Gathering a large group of people and creating a new populated city. However, it won’t be an easy task because people need to be persuaded in order to work with you. For example, if I came across a group of people with guns, rockets and other heavy artillery, I would assume that they’d have ammo and other weapons. They can have all the weapons in the world, yet their food stock might be limited. I may have only a pistol, but I have access to food. The people will only have two options; they can either kill me or take what I have, but never know where the rest of my food stash are hidden. Unless we team up together, there’s no possibility that we’ll all survive the apocalypse. So either way, communication and becoming friends would be the smartest option. I’ve learned that the best thing to do if there’s ever an apocalypse is to come together as one for the better good of mankind. The reason being is because when you’re in a situation, where everyone is in need, it’s best to come together in order to fight for survival.

There’s no promise that Montgomery will ever be at its best, but if people can live together and be open to differences, I’m sure there will still be life here in Montgomery if an apocalypse sparked. I feel like the ones that will have an advantage when an apocalypse is active, are the ones who’ve never been on the outside looking in. Those are the people who can adapt to their environment and their surroundings. Will this lifestyle spread throughout the state of Alabama if its capital has a downfall? Not exactly, however I do believe new concept of being will start to develop. If a town gets abandoned, usually there’s no real means of living available, such as doctors, lawyers, firefighters, law enforcement, and  people in general. Without a new way of thinking and being, the citizens of Montgomery can cause their own demise.

The main sources of consumption when there’s an apocalypse are going to be to help one another and not be divided by the previous society. All that would be left to fear is ourselves and God. We would have to improvise and do things different to protect this land and our values. We would be so exposed to so many tragedies that we would have to try and avoid death. Food definitely will be scarce and crops would become an issue. Because like I described before, everything will be limited. Trying to find something to eat will be hard, hunting for fresh meat will be a problem. We would no longer be able to spot a deer around Montgomery anymore, lol! So, I wouldn’t be surprised to see people going back to their roots and hunting different types of animals with spears, guns and machetes.

            In conclusion, I believe if an actual apocalypse were to occur in Montgomery, Alabama health issues will occur, population rates will go down, crime will increase and migrations will become the norm. I don’t believe that a resolution can be developed in this type of situation unless the insanity going on today ceases.

Blog 4

To: Anonymous College Friend

From: Ja’Quan S. Brown

Subject: Should You go to Fukushima or Chernobyl?

Before you make your decision to go to Fukushima or Chernobyl, please note that these places have specific laws and regulations. Fukushima is an interesting place to visit, you have to stay cautious of where to go and where to step. The reason being is because the surface of Fukushima and Chernobyl has radioactive after effects, and can only be ventured with special gear. Like a face mask and special suits made to keep toxic air out. I added a link at the bottom of this email to inform you of how radioactive Chernobyl is. So, I really don’t think Fukushima or Chernobyl is a good idea to visit, however Tokyo, Japan is a place that i would recommend to visit.

Love, Quan!

Myers, Joe. “Is Chernobyl Still Dangerous?” World Economic Forum, 16 Apr. 2016,

Blog 3 was the first website that I visited. It included information about the disaster and even included different links and sources. It directed me to, which is a well – known news industry in The United States. So instantly I knew that this site was trustworthy if it’s well known around the country.

I used the iceberg effect by searching up my topic and picking the first website that I thought would teach me enough about my topic. From there I decided to look at the bottom of the webpage and see if it recommended any other websites to check out.

Blog 2.5

The first website that informed me of the Fukushima, Japan incident was This site featured many different facts about what, when, why, and how the Fukushima disaster took place. I would label this a trustworthy site because it even gives gratitude toward the sources used to establish it’s astounding facts.

The second website I would reccomend is Although this site isn’t based on how the Fukushima disaster established, it most likely will inform you about the condition that Fukushima was in after the accident. I believe this site is trustworthy because is a worldwide international news network that physically investigates the issue. They also give you their contact information.

The final website that I would recommend is This website mainly showed me a pdf of how the government reacted to the Fukushima incident and how they were able to fund Fukushima, Japan after they lost over a million buildings and homes.